Everyday Inclusion

Inclusion doesn’t need to be difficult & shouldn’t be something to be fearful of.

If you’re just starting out or already on the journey its vital to be continually pushing boundaries, evolving, learning, celebrating wins and equally challenges.

With an authentic and clear approach with set goals, plans and milestones businesses can see quantifiable success and commercial performance.

It’s not a standalone debate or a nice to have activity. It’s essential to attract and retain talent while boosting performance. Put simply – it can’t be ignored.

Future thinking business are moving away from a tick box concept to a true culture of inclusion that can engage current and future generations of the workforce and naturally attract a wide diversity of Talent. Embedded into the DNA of culture it can and will drive productivity and business performance by allowing everyone feel like they belong and thrive everyday.

Hi, I’m Garry Clarke-Strange (He/Him).

Think Inclusion Consulting exists as my way to give a personal service to businesses truly dedicated to creating an environment where their people are supported and can be their true selves.

With a people focussed multi industry career that started in internal Talent Acquisition and expanded over time across HR Delivery, Strategy and Expertise in 2018 I finally understood my true ‘Why’ (Simon Sinek, Start With Why).

That why is ‘People’. Making everyone feel like they can be themselves, Everyday.

By embracing and understanding my own struggles to feel included my passion for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is now my primary career focus supporting the creation and delivery of proactive strategic plans that lead to a culture of Everyday Inclusion.

As an LGBTQ+ male, from a single parent family who grew up in Ireland the 80s and 90s that now lives successfully with diagnosed Anxiety I know what it feels like to be marginalised and live as a minority.

Prejudice and discrimination still exist. I’m lucky to finally live in a place and time where I can be the best version of me – not a taboo, still a minority but importantly still me. Not everyone is this fortunate and not everyone understands how to be a true ally to help everyone feel included.

I believe in humanising this topic to make sustainable impact by supporting organisations create and make their inclusion strategy and goals a reality